Review: How Not to Die Cookbook

I’ve been hearing about Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. for a quite a long time now. I downloaded his app “Daily Dozen” (free) several months ago and have only used it on and off, when I think about it. Then I heard about his book, How Not to Die, and honestly, couldn’t quite get past the title….

Blending vs Juicing

I love my blender for making smoothies, but I have always been hesitant about buying a juicer. I’ll give you three reasons: Money waste Food waste I believe blending is healthier Booster Juice is a go-to when I’m out and about. I order a Green Hornet (basically spinach, celery and carrot) and I watch them…

Beet Sunflower Crackers

*The circle yellowish crackers on the plate are Turmeric Lentil, and the hexagon crackers are Multi-grain, both list healthy ingredients. Found at Costco.

Embarking on a New & Exciting Journey

I’m super stoked to share with you a new journey I’m embarking on. In the fall, I’m taking a course to be a Holistic Nutritionist. I’ve been studying whole food/raw vegan eating for personal interests for about eight years now. I learned a wealth of knowledge on the subject already and it continues to be…

A Vegan Salad Dressing Find

I often eat my salads with no dressing at all, I’ve learned to appreciate the taste of fresh veggies and I enjoy it. If I do want to add a little something, typically I drizzle a bit of olive oil. And rarely, I will make my own dressings with flavoured oils and vinegars from Prairie…