Easy Swap: Salt

Many people ask how to get started making healthier choices. Making slow changes is always recommended. For people looking for simple ways to get healthier, I’m starting a segment called “easy swap.” I’ll be giving examples of products I have personally replaced with healthier options. And I’ll also explain why these options are better for…

Sprouting in 5 Easy Steps.

I’ve been making my own sprouts for the last little while and love how easy it is, and of course how healthy they are. I purchased a sprouting jar at my local health food store. A sprouting jar is a glass vessel with a mesh lid. You can also use a glass jar and cheese…

Review: How Not to Die Cookbook

I’ve been hearing about Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. for a quite a long time now. I downloaded his app “Daily Dozen” (free) several months ago and have only used it on and off, when I think about it. Then I heard about his book, How Not to Die, and honestly, couldn’t quite get past the title….

3 Transitional Green Smoothies

The easiest way to get accustomed to drinking green smoothies is to add some fruit to sweeten them and make it more pleasing for your pallet. Slowly over time, you reduce the fruit and add more veggies. Focusing on “sweeter” veggies is also helpful – carrots, cucumber, celery. Here are three transitional green smoothie you…

Beet Sunflower Crackers

*The circle yellowish crackers on the plate are Turmeric Lentil, and the hexagon crackers are Multi-grain, both list healthy ingredients. Found at Costco.